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       dcm2niix - DICOM to NifTI converter


       dcm2niix [options] <sourcedir>


       Most  medical  imaging  devices save images in some variation of the popular DICOM format.
       However, most scientific tools expect medical images to be  stored  in  the  comparatively
       simpler  NIfTI format. dcm2niix is designed to perform such conversion from DICOM to NIfTI
       with a simple command-line interface.

       Please be advised that dcm2niix has been developed for research purposes only  and  should
       not be considered a clinical tool.


       -b <y/n>
              Save additional BIDS metadata to a side-car .json file.

       -f <format>
              Format string for the output filename(s). The following specifiers are supported:

              · %a, antenna (coil) number

              · %c, comments

              · %d, description

              · %e, echo number

              · %f, folder name

              · %i, patient ID

              · %m, manufacturer

              · %n, patient name

              · %p, protocol

              · %s, series number

              · %t, time

              · %u, acquisition number

              · %z, sequence name.

              The default format string is "%p_%e_%4s".

       -m <y/n>
              Merge   slices  from  the  same  series  regardless  of  study  time,  echo,  coil,
              orientation, etc...

       -o <path>
              Output directory where the converted files should be  saved.  If  unspecified,  the
              files are saved within the specified source directory.

       -s <y/n>
              Convert a single file only.

       -t <y/n>
              Save patient details.

       -v <h/y/n>
              Enable verbose output. "n" for succinct, "y" for verbose, "h" for high verbosity

       -x <y/n>
              Crop images.

       -z <y/i/n>
              Desired  compression  method.  The  "y"es  option uses the external program pigz if
              available.  The  "i"  option  compresses  the  image  using  the  slower   built-in
              compression routines.


       Copying  and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any
       medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are  preserved.  This
       file is offered as-is, without any warranty.


       This   manual   was   developed   and   is   maintained   by   Ghislain   Antony  Vaillant


       2018 The dcm2niix contributors