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       Algorithm::HMM::Hit::Domain - Object encapsulating information about a Hidden Markov Model
       domain hit.


       The Algorithm::HMM::Hit::Domain object encapsulates information about a domain hit in the
       Hidden Markov Model.  Unlike global hits which attempt to match the provided sequence
       against the entire model, a domain hit indicates a match against a smaller subsequence in
       the model.



       Returns the pvalue, evalue and score values respectively for the hit.


       Returns the starting and ends points in the sequence that matched the model.  seq_length
       returns the length of the hit.


       Returns the starting and end points in the model.


       Returns the parent pvalue, evalue and score values respectively.


       The Algorithm::HMM package was originally written by Cory Spencer <> of the
       Simon Fraser University Brinkman Laboratory.  It is currently maintained by Matthew Laird


       Algorithm::HMM, Algorithm::HMM::Hit::Global, Algorithm::HMM::Report