Provided by: libalzabo-perl_0.92-4_all bug


       Alzabo::Exceptions - Creates all exception subclasses used in Alzabo.


         use Alzabo::Exceptions;


       Using this class creates all the exceptions classes used by Alzabo (via the
       "Exception::Class" class).

       See "Exception::Class" for more information on how this is done.


       ·   Alzabo::Exception

           This is the base class for all exceptions generated within Alzabo (all exceptions
           should return true for "$@->isa('Alzabo::Exception')" except those that are generated
           via internal Perl errors).

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::Driver

           An error occured while accessing a database.  See "Alzabo::Driver" for more details.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::Eval

           An attempt to eval something returned an error.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::Logic

           Alzabo was asked to do something logically impossible, like retrieve rows for a table
           without a primary key.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::NoSuchRow

           An attempt was made to fetch data from the database with a primary key that does not
           actually exist in the specified table.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::NotNullable

           An attempt was made to set a non-nullable column to "NULL".  The "column_name",
           "table_name", and "schema_name" fields can be used to identify the exact column.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::Panic

           This exception is thrown when something completely unexpected happens (think Monty

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::Params

           This exception is thrown when there is a problem with the parameters passed to a
           method or function.  These problems can include missing parameters, invalid values,

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::RDBMSRules

           A rule for the relevant RDBMS was violated (bad schema name, table name, column
           attribute, etc.)

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::ReferentialIntegrity

           An insert/update/delete was attempted that would violate referential integrity

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::SQL

           An error thrown when there is an attempt to generate invalid SQL via the
           Alzabo::SQLMaker module.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::Storable

           A error when trying to freeze, thaw, or clone an object using Storable.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::System

           Some sort of system call (file read/write, stat, etc.) failed.

       ·   Alzabo::Exception::VirtualMethod

           A virtual method was called.  This indicates that this method should be subclassed.


       Dave Rolsky, <>