Provided by: libtest-harness-perl_3.39-1_all bug


       App::Prove::State::Result - Individual test suite results.


       Version 3.39


       The "prove" command supports a "--state" option that instructs it to store persistent
       state across runs. This module encapsulates the results for a single test suite run.


           # Re-run failed tests
           $ prove --state=failed,save -rbv


   Class Methods

           my $result = App::Prove::State::Result->new({
               generation => $generation,
               tests      => \%tests,

       Returns a new "App::Prove::State::Result" instance.

       Returns the current version of state storage.

       Returns the name of the class used for tracking individual tests.  This class should
       either subclass from "App::Prove::State::Result::Test" or provide an identical interface.


       Getter/setter for the "generation" of the test suite run. The first generation is 1 (one)
       and subsequent generations are 2, 3, etc.


       Getter/setter for the time of the test suite run.


       Returns the tests for a given generation. This is a hashref or a hash, depending on
       context called. The keys to the hash are the individual test names and the value is a
       hashref with various interesting values.  Each k/v pair might resemble something like

        't/foo.t' => {
           elapsed        => '0.0428488254547119',
           gen            => '7',
           last_pass_time => '1219328376.07815',
           last_result    => '0',
           last_run_time  => '1219328376.07815',
           last_todo      => '0',
           mtime          => '1191708862',
           seq            => '192',
           total_passes   => '6',


        my $test = $result->test('t/customer/create.t');

       Returns an individual "App::Prove::State::Result::Test" instance for the given test name
       (usually the filename).  Will return a new "App::Prove::State::Result::Test" instance if
       the name is not found.


       Returns an list of test names, sorted by run order.


        $result->remove($test_name);            # remove the test
        my $test = $result->test($test_name);   # fatal error

       Removes a given test from results.  This is a no-op if the test name is not found.


       Returns the number of tests for a given test suite result.


       Returns a hashref of raw results, suitable for serialization by YAML.