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       Arch::FileHighlighter - syntax-highlight file's content using markup


           use Arch::FileHighlighter;
           my $fh = Arch::FileHighlighter->new(
               [ 'internal(pm+c)', 'none(txt), 'enscript', 'internal', ]

           my $html_ref = $fh->highlight($0);
           print $$html_ref;

           print ${$fh->highlight('file.c', '/* some code */')};


       This class processes file contents and produces syntax highlighting markup.  This may be
       used together with css that defines exact text colors and faces.

       The default is to use the builtin "internal" processing, that is pretty poor; only very
       basic file types and syntax constructions are supported.  It is suggested to configure and
       use the external "enscript" utility.  GNU enscript understands quite a rich number of file
       types and produces a useful syntax highlighting. "enscript" filter is used by default if
       /usr/bin/enscript is found.

       It is possible to configure different filters ("none", "internal", "enscript") depending
       on file name extension. In any case the resulting markup is always unified, i.e. all
       special characters are HTML-encoded using SGML entities, and the markup that looks like
       <spanclass="syntax_foo">bar</span> is used.


       The following methods are available:

       new, instance, highlight.

       new [filters]
           Create a new instance of Arch::FileHighlighter.

           filters is arrayref of strings of the form filter(ext1+ext2+...)", where filter is one
           of "enscript", "internal" or "none". Special extension ":xml" is a shortcut for
           "html+htm+sgml+xml+wml+rss+glade".  The filters optionally constrained by file
           extensions are probed sequentially and the first passed one is used.

           Note that if enscript is configured in the sequence, but is not installed, then its
           probing may print a warning to stderr. The "enscript" filter is handled a bit
           specially, it may take parameters "mono" (less colors) and "asis" instead of the file
           extensions. If enscript returns html without any tags, then the filter is handled as
           failed, unless "asis" is given.

           By default, filters is [ 'internal' ], or [ 'enscript', 'internal' ] depending on
           presense of '/usr/bin/enscript'.

       instance [filters]
           Alternative constructor. Return the last created instance of Arch::FileHighlighter or
           create a new one.

           The purpose of this alternative constructor is to allow the singleton behaviour as
           well as certain Aspect Oriented Programming practices.

       highlight filename [content]
           Process filename using configured filters (as described in the constructor) and
           produce the file content with embeded <span class="class">...</span> markup. class is
           one of:


           If content is provided (either string or reference to string), it is used, otherwise
           the content of filename is loaded.


       Awaiting for your reports.


       Mikhael Goikhman (


       For more information, see enscript, Arch::Util, Syntax::Highlight::Perl.