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       Array::Utils - small utils for array manipulation


               use Array::Utils qw(:all);

               my @a = qw( a b c d );
               my @b = qw( c d e f );

               # symmetric difference
               my @diff = array_diff(@a, @b);

               # intersection
               my @isect = intersect(@a, @b);

               # unique union
               my @unique = unique(@a, @b);

               # check if arrays contain same members
               if ( !array_diff(@a, @b) ) {
                       # do something

               # get items from array @a that are not in array @b
               my @minus = array_minus( @a, @b );


       A small pure-perl module containing list manipulation routines. The module emerged because
       I was tired to include same utility routines in numerous projects.


           Returns an array of unique items in the arguments list.

           Returns an intersection of two arrays passed as arguments, keeping the order of the
           second parameter. A nice side effect of this function can be exploited in situations

                   @atreides = qw( Leto Paul Alia 'Leto II' );
                   @mylist = qw( Alia Leto );
                   @mylist = intersect( @mylist, @atreides );  # and @mylist is ordered as Leto,Alia

           Return symmetric difference of two arrays passed as arguments.

           Returns the difference of the passed arrays A and B (only those array elements that
           exist in A and do not exist in B).  If an empty array is returned, A is subset of B.

           Function was proposed by Laszlo Forro <>.


       None known yet


       Sergei A. Fedorov <>

       I will be happy to have your feedback about the module.


       This module is Copyright (c) 2007 Sergei A. Fedorov.  All rights reserved.

       You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the
       Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.


       This is free software. IT COMES WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.