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       Aspect::Advice::Before - Execute code before a function is called


         use Aspect;

         before {

             # Trace all calls to your module
             print STDERR "Called my function " . $_->sub_name . "\n";

             # Shortcut calls to foo() to always be true
             if ( $_->short_name eq 'foo' ) {
                 return $_->return_value(1);

             # Add an extra flag to bar() but call as normal
             if ( $_->short_name eq 'bar' ) {
                 $_->args( $_->args, 'flag' );

         } call qr/^ MyModule::\w+ $/


       The "before" advice type is used to execute advice code prior to entry into a target
       function. It is implemented by Aspect::Advice::Before.

       As well as creating side effects that run before the main code, the "before" advice type
       is particularly useful for changing parameters or shortcutting calls to functions entirely
       and replacing the value they would normally return with a different value.

       Please note that the "highest" pointcut (Aspect::Pointcut::Highest) is incompatible with
       "before". Creating a "before" advice with a pointcut tree that contains a "highest"
       pointcut will result in an exception.

       If speed is important to your program then "before" is particular interesting as the
       "before" implementation is the only one that can take advantage of tail calls via Perl's
       "goto" function, where the rest of the advice types need the more costly Sub::Uplevel to
       keep caller() returning correctly.


       Adam Kennedy <>


       Copyright 2010 - 2013 Adam Kennedy.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.