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       Aspect::Library::Singleton - A singleton aspect


         use Aspect;
         use Aspect::Singleton;

         aspect Singleton => 'Foo::new';

         my $f1 = Foo->new;
         my $f2 = Foo->new;

         # Both $f1 and $f2 refer to the same object


       A reusable aspect that forces singleton behavior on a constructor. The constructor is
       defined by a pointcut spec: a string. regexp, or code ref.

       It is slightly different from "Class::Singleton"

       ·   No specific name requirement on the constructor for the external interface, or for the
           implementation ("Class::Singleton" requires clients use "instance()", and that
           subclasses override "_new_instance()"). With aspects, you can change the cardinality
           of your objects without changing the clients, or the objects themselves.

       ·   No need to inherit from anything- use pointcuts to specify the constructors you want
           to memoize. Instead of pulling singleton behavior from a base class, you are pushing
           it in, using the aspect.

       ·   No package variable or method is added to the callers namespace

       Note that this is just a special case of memoizing.


       Adam Kennedy <>

       Marcel Gruenauer <>

       Ran Eilam <>


       Copyright 2001 by Marcel Gruenauer

       Some parts copyright 2009 - 2013 Adam Kennedy.

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.