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       Bio::OntologyIO::InterProParser - Parser for InterPro xml files.


           # don't use this module directly - use Bio::OntologyIO with instead
           my $ipp = Bio::OntologyIO->new( -format  => 'interpro',
                                           -file    => 't/data/interpro.xml',
                                           -ontology_engine => 'simple' );


         Use InterProParser to parse InterPro files in xml format. Typical
         use is the interpro.xml file published by EBI. The xml records
         should follow the format described in interpro.dtd, although the dtd
         file is not needed, and the XML file will not be validated against it.


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AUTHOR - Peter Dimitrov



       The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods.  Internal methods are
       usually preceded with a _

        Title   : new
        Usage   :
        Function: Initializes objects needed for parsing.
        Example : $ipp = Bio::OntologyIO::InterProParser->new(
                                         -file => 't/data/interpro.xml',
                                         -ontology_engine => 'simple' )

        Returns : Object of class Bio::OntologyIO::InterProParser.
        Args    :

         -file            - file name
         -ontology_engine - type of ontology engine. Should satisfy the
                            OntologyEngine interface requirements. Currently
                            the only option is 'simple'. In the future
                   based engine will be added to the

        Title   : parse
        Usage   :
        Function: Performs the actual parsing.
        Example : $ipp->parse();
        Returns :
        Args    :

        Title   : next_ontology
        Usage   : $ipp->next_ontology()
        Function: Parses the input file and returns the next InterPro ontology

                  Usually there will be only one ontology returned from an
                  InterPro XML input.

        Example : $ipp->next_ontology();
        Returns : Returns the ontology as a Bio::Ontology::OntologyEngineI
                  compliant object.
        Args    :

       See Bio::Ontology::OntologyEngineI.

        Title   : _is_parsed
        Usage   : $obj->_is_parsed($newval)
        Example :
        Returns : value of _is_parsed (a scalar)
        Args    : on set, new value (a scalar or undef, optional)

        Title   : secondary_accessions_map
        Usage   : $obj->secondary_accessions_map()
        Function: This method is merely for convenience, and one should
                  normally use the InterProTerm secondary_ids method to
                  access the secondary accessions.
        Example : $map = $interpro_parser->secondary_accessions_map;
        Returns : Reference to a hash that maps InterPro identifier to an
                  array reference of secondary accessions following the
                  InterPro xml schema.
        Args    : Empty hash reference