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       Module which implements a newick string parser as a finite state machine which enables it
       to parse the full Newick specification.

       Taken largely from the Ensembl Compara file with the same name
       (Bio::EnsEMBL::Compara::Graph::NewickParser), this module adapts the parser to work with
       BioPerl's event handler-based parsing scheme.

       This module is used by and, and is NOT called directly. Instead, both of
       those parsing modules extend this module in order to gain access to the main parsing


         # From
         use base qw(Bio::TreeIO Bio::TreeIO::NewickParser);

         # in the next_tree method...


       This module correctly parses the Newick and NHX formats, sending calls to the BioPerl
       TreeEventHandler when appropriate in order to build and populate the node objects.


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AUTHOR - Jessica Severin (EnsEMBL implementation), Greg Jordan (BioPerl adaptation)