Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       addbddcircuitin - adds an input in a bdd circuit.


       #include "bdd101.h"
       bddnode ∗addbddcircuitin( BddCircuit, InputName, Index, Mode )
         bddcircuit ∗BddCircuit;
         char       ∗InputName;
         bddindex    Index;
         long        Mode;


       BddCircuit          The bdd circuit.

       InputName           The name of the input.

       Index               The bdd index of the input.

       Mode                The mode.


       addbddcircuitin  adds  an input InputName in the bdd circuit BddCircuit. If a null pointer
       is given, the default bdd circuit is used.  If the input  InputName  exists  already,  its
       node  pointer  is  returned.   The Mode parameter specifies how to create the new variable
       associated to the name InputName. The Index parameter is used with the  BDD_IN_MODE_BEFORE
       and BDD_IN_MODE_AFTER mode.  The Mode parameter can takes the following values  :

       BDD_IN_MODE_FIRST   adds a variable before all others.

       BDD_IN_MODE_LAST    adds a variable after all others.

       BDD_IN_MODE_BEFORE  adds a variable before the one specified by Index.

       BDD_IN_MODE_AFTER   adds a variable after the one specified by Index.

       BDD_IN_MODE_IMPOSE  if  this  flag  is set, only the variables found in the BddCircuit are
                           taken into account. It  permits  to  merge  variables  from  different
                           circuit working on the same bdd system.


       addbddcircuitin returns a pointer to the new created node.


       "unknwon in mode xxx error !"
              The Mode parameter must be defined.


       #include "bdd101.h"
          bddsystem  ∗BddSystem;
          bddcircuit ∗BddCircuit;
          bddnode    ∗BddNode;
          BddSystem  = createbddsystem( 100, 1000, 100, 50000 );
          BddCircuit = createbddcircuit( "hello_world", 10, 10, BddSystem );
          addbddcircuitin ( (bddcircuit ∗)0, "i0", 0, BDD_IN_MODE_FIRST );
          BddNode = searchbddcircuitin( (bddcircuit ∗)0, "i0" );
          destroybddsystem( (bddsystem ∗)0 );
          destroybddcircuit( (bddcircuit ∗)0 );