Provided by: atfs-dev_1.4pl6-14_amd64 bug


       af_histories, af_access - AtFS history functions


       #include <atfs.h>

       char**af_histories (char *path, char *pattern)

       char**af_cachenames (char *path, char *pattern);

       int   af_access (char *path, char *name, char *type, int mode)


       af_histories returns a list of source history names from the directory pointed to by path,
       that match the given pattern. Histories in a directory are represented  by  at  least  one
       version. The pattern must be ed(1) patterns, processable by re_comp(3) and re_exec(3). The
       resulting list of af_histories resides in allocated memory. Use free(3) to free the memory
       for further allocation. af_histories returns an empty list (not a NULL pointer !), when no
       histories are found.

       af_cachenames does the same as af_histories but on derived object caches.

       af_access determines the existence of an object history.  If any ASO  (any  version)  with
       the  given  path,  name  and type attributes exists, af_access returns zero, otherwise -1.
       The mode argument can either be

                 indicating that only source objects shall be searched or

                 which means that only the derived object cache shall be searched  for  existence
                 of a matching ASO.


       ed(1), re_comp(3), re_exec(3), free(3)


       Upon  error,  -1 or a null pointer (depending on the return type) is returned and af_errno
       is set to the corresponding error number.