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       al_get_ram_size - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              int al_get_ram_size(void)


       Returns  the  size in MB of the random access memory that the system Allegro is running on
       has and which could be detected, or a negative number if  detection  failed.   Even  if  a
       positive  number  is  returned,  it might be that it is not correct.  For example, Allegro
       running on a virtual machine will return the amount of RAM of the VM, and not that of  the
       underlying system.

       Furthermore even if the number is correct, this only gives you information about the total
       physical memory of the system Allegro runs on.  The memory available to your  program  may
       be  less  or  more  than  what  this function returns due to circumstances such as virtual
       memory, and other programs that are currently running.

       Therefore, it's best to use this for advisory purposes only.  It is certainly a  bad  idea
       to  make  your  program  exclusive  to  systems  for which this function returns a certain
       "desirable" number.

       This function may be called prior to al_install_system(3alleg5) or al_init(3alleg5).