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       al_install_system - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              bool al_install_system(int version, int (*atexit_ptr)(void (*)(void)))


       Initialize the Allegro system.  No other Allegro functions can be called before this (with
       one or two exceptions).

       The version field should always be set to ALLEGRO_VERSION_INT.

       If atexit_ptr is non-NULL, and if hasn't been done  already,  al_uninstall_system(3alleg5)
       will be registered as an atexit function.

       Returns true if Allegro was successfully initialized by this function call (or already was
       initialized previously), false if Allegro cannot  be  used.   A  common  reason  for  this
       function  to  fail  is  when  the version of Allegro you compiled your game against is not
       compatible with the version of the shared libraries that were found on the system.

       The version compatibility check works as follows.  Let A =* be  the  version  of
       Allegro  you  compiled  with,  and  B  = xb.yb.zb.* be the version of Allegro found in the
       system shared library.

       If you defined ALLEGRO_UNSTABLE before  including  Allegro  headers,  then  version  A  is
       compatible  with B only if = xb.yb.zb.  Otherwise, A is compatible with B only if
       xa.ya = xb.yb.