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       al_reserve_samples - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h>

              bool al_reserve_samples(int reserve_samples)


       Reserves a number of sample instances, attaching them to the default mixer.  If no default
       mixer is set when this function is called, then it will create one and attach  it  to  the
       default voice.  If no default voice has been set, it, too, will be created.

       If  you call this function a second time with a smaller number of samples, then the excess
       internal sample instances will be destroyed causing some sounds to stop and some instances
       returned by al_lock_sample_id(3alleg5) to be invalidated.

       This diagram illustrates the structures that are set up:

                                                    sample instance 1
                                                  / sample instance 2
              default voice <-- default mixer <---         .
                                                  \        .
                                                    sample instance N

       Returns  true on success, false on error.  al_install_audio(3alleg5) must have been called


       al_set_default_mixer(3alleg5), al_play_sample(3alleg5)