Provided by: tklib_0.6-3_all bug


       autoscroll - Provides for a scrollbar to automatically mapped and unmapped as needed


       package require Tcl

       package require autoscroll  ?1.1?

       ::autoscroll::autoscroll scrollbar

       ::autoscroll::unautoscroll scrollbar





       This  package  allows scrollbars to be mapped and unmapped as needed depending on the size
       and content of the scrollbars scrolled widget. The scrollbar must  be  managed  by  either
       pack or grid, other geometry managers are not supported.

       When  managed by pack, any geometry changes made in the scrollbars parent between the time
       a scrollbar is unmapped, and when it is mapped will be lost. It is an error to destroy any
       of  the  scrollbars  siblings  while  the  scrollbar is unmapped. When managed by grid, if
       anything becomes gridded in the same row and column the  scrollbar  occupied  it  will  be
       replaced by the scrollbar when remapped.

       This  package  may  be  used  on  any scrollbar-like widget as long as it supports the set
       subcommand in the same style as scrollbar. If the set subcommand is  not  used  then  this
       package will have no effect.

       ::autoscroll::autoscroll scrollbar
              Arranges  for the already existing scrollbar scrollbar to be mapped and unmapped as

       ::autoscroll::unautoscroll scrollbar
              Returns the named scrollbar to its original static state.

              Arranges for all scrollbars created after this command is run to  be  automatically
              mapped and unmapped as needed.

              Turns  off  the  automatic  autoscrolling  of  all new scrollbars.  Does not effect
              existing scrollbars

              text .t -yscrollcommand ".scrolly set"
              scrollbar .scrolly -orient v -command ".t yview"
              pack .scrolly -side right -fill y
              pack .t -side left -fill both -expand 1
              ::autoscroll::autoscroll .scrolly


       scroll, scrollbar