Provided by: nvidia-cuda-dev_9.1.85-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug




   Data Fields
       unsigned int blockDimX
       unsigned int blockDimY
       unsigned int blockDimZ
       CUfunction function
       unsigned int gridDimX
       unsigned int gridDimY
       unsigned int gridDimZ
       CUstream hStream
       void ** kernelParams
       unsigned int sharedMemBytes

Detailed Description

       Kernel launch parameters

Field Documentation

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::blockDimX
       X dimension of each thread block

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::blockDimY
       Y dimension of each thread block

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::blockDimZ
       Z dimension of each thread block

   CUfunction CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::function
       Kernel to launch

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::gridDimX
       Width of grid in blocks

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::gridDimY
       Height of grid in blocks

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::gridDimZ
       Depth of grid in blocks

   CUstream CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::hStream
       Stream identifier

   void** CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::kernelParams
       Array of pointers to kernel parameters

   unsigned int CUDA_LAUNCH_PARAMS::sharedMemBytes
       Dynamic shared-memory size per thread block in bytes


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