Provided by: libcdk5-dev_5.0.20161210-5_amd64 bug


       cdk_process - curses widget pre/post-processing


       Perform pre- and post-processing of data which is injected into a widget.


       Character  input is handled by each widget by its injection function.  That is typically a
       large case-statement consisting of the actions to be taken for editing and scrolling keys.
       The  calling  application  can  modify  the behavior of the injection function by defining
       either or both preprocess and postprocess functions.

       Preprocessing is performed before doing anything with  the  injected  keystroke.   If  the
       preprocess  function  returns  zero, no further action is taken in the injection function.
       Note that the preprocess function may do more than filter out characters; it can  fill  in
       logic to coordinate different widgets.

       Postprocessing  is  performed  after  all  other  actions  have been done in the injection
       function.  Like the other actions, it is performed only if the preprocess function returns
       a nonzero value.  Unlike the preprocess function, its return value is ignored.


       cdk(3), cdk_binding(3).