Provided by: blogliterately_0.8.4.3-2build5_amd64 bug


       BlogLiterately - post articles to blogs from command line


       BlogLiterately [OPTIONS] FILE


              style specification (for --hscolour-icss) --hscolour-icss
       highlight haskell: hscolour, inline style (default) --hscolour-css
       highlight haskell: hscolour, separate stylesheet --hs-nohighlight
       no haskell highlighting --hs-kate
       highlight haskell with highlighting-kate --kate
       highlight non-Haskell code with highlighting-kate (default) --no-kate
       don't highlight non-Haskell code --no-toc
       don't generate a table of contents (default) --toc
       generate a table of contents -w,--wplatex
       reformat inline LaTeX the way WordPress expects -m,--math=ITEM
       how to layout math, where --math=[=URL] -g,--ghci
       run [ghci] blocks through ghci and include output -I,--upload-images
       upload local images -C,--category=ITEM
       post category (can specify more than one) -T,--tag=ITEM
       tag (can specify more than one) --blogid=ID
       Blog specific identifier -P,--profile=STRING
       profile to use -b,--blog=URL
       blog XML-RPC url (if omitted, HTML goes to stdout) -u,--user=USER
       user name -p,--password=PASSWORD
       password -t --title=TITLE
       post title -f --format=FORMAT
       input format: markdown or rst -i --postid=ID
       Post to replace (if any) --page
       create a "page" instead of a post (WordPress only) --publish
       publish post (otherwise it's uploaded as a draft) -h --html-only
       don't upload anything; output HTML to stdout --citations
       process citations (default) --no-citations
       do not process citations -x,--xtra=ITEM
       extension arguments, for use with custom extensions -?,--help
       Display help message -V,--version
       Print version information --numeric-version
       Print just the version number


       This manual page is written by Dmitry Bogatov for Debian project but can be used by others
       under terms of GNU GPL version 3 or later.


       Tutorial and examples on project homepage [[]]


       Robert Greayer, Brent Yorgey.