Provided by: bowtie2_2.3.4.1-1_amd64 bug


       bowtie2-inspect-s - extracts information from a bowtie2 index


       bowtie2-inspect [options]* <bt2_base>


       Bowtie 2 version by Ben Langmead (,

              bt2 filename minus trailing .1.bt2/.2.bt2

              By  default,  prints  FASTA records of the indexed nucleotide sequences to standard
              out.  With -n, just prints names.  With -s, just prints  a  summary  of  the  index
              parameters and sequences.


       -a/--across <int>
              Number of characters across in FASTA output (default: 60)

              Print reference sequence names only

              Print summary incl. ref names, lengths, index properties

              Verbose output (for debugging)

              print detailed description of tool and its options

       --help print this usage message