Provided by: bumblebee_3.2.1-17_amd64 bug


       bumblebeed - bumblebee daemon


       bumblebeed [OPTION]...


       Daemon for controlling the discrete nVidia video card on Optimus systems.

       -D, --daemon
              run daemonized (backgrounded). Implies --use-syslog

       -x, --xconf FILE
              xorg.conf file to use

       --xconfdir DIR
              xorg.conf.d directory to use

       -g, --group GROUP
              allow GROUP to communicate with the daemon

       --driver DRIVER
              the  driver  to  use for the nvidia card. Valid values are nouveau and nvidia. This
              option also effects the driver section that will be  used  from  the  configuration

       -m, --module-path PATH
              ModulePath to use for Xorg (only useful for nvidia)

       -k, --driver-module NAME
              Name of kernel module to be loaded if different from the driver

       --pm-method METHOD
              method  to  use  for  disabling  the  discrete  video  card, valid values are auto,
              bbswitch, switcheroo and none. auto selects a  sensible  method,  bbswitch  (kernel
              module) is available for nvidia and nouveau drivers, switcheroo (vga_switcheroo) is
              usually for nouveau and radeon drivers and none disables PM completely

       --pidfile FILE
              file in which the process ID is written. An  empty  value  disables  cretion  of  a
              pidfile. Note that the file must not already exist

              redirect all messages to syslog

       -q, --quiet, --silent
              suppresses all logging messages

       -v, --verbose
              increase  the  verbosity level of log messages. It can be specified up to two times
              (or five if --quiet is used)

              show all logging messages by setting the verbosity level to the maximum

       -C, --config FILE
              retrieve settings for Bumblebee from FILE

       -d, --display VDISPLAY
              start the Bumblebee X server on VDISPLAY. Do  not  confuse  this  option  with  the
              DISPLAY environment variable

       -l, --ldpath PATH
              libraries like are searched in PATH (useful for the nvidia driver)

       -s, --socket FILENAME
              use FILENAME for communication with the daemon

       -h, --help
              display this help and exit

              output version information and exit


       Report bugs on <>
       Bumblebee homepage: <>


       Copyright  ©  2011  The  Bumblebee  Project  License  GPLv3+:  GNU  GPL version 3 or later
       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO  WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.