Provided by: ruby-bundler_1.16.1-1_all bug


       bundle-binstubs - Install the binstubs of the listed gems


       bundle binstubs GEM_NAME [--force] [--path PATH] [--standalone]


       Binstubs  are  scripts  that wrap around executables. Bundler creates a small Ruby file (a
       binstub) that loads Bundler, runs the command, and puts  it  into  bin/.  Binstubs  are  a
       shortcut-or  alternative-  to  always using bundle exec. This gives you a file that can by
       run directly, and  one  that  will  always  run  the  correct  gem  version  used  by  the

       For  example,  if  you  run  bundle  binstubs  rspec-core,  Bundler  will  create the file
       bin/rspec. That file will contain enough code to load Bundler, tell it to load the bundled
       gems, and then run rspec.

       This command generates binstubs for executables in GEM_NAME. Binstubs are put into bin, or
       the --path directory if one has been set. Calling binstubs with [GEM  [GEM]]  will  create
       binstubs for all given gems.


              Overwrite existing binstubs if they exist.

       --path The location to install the specified binstubs to. This defaults to bin.

              Makes binstubs that can work without depending on Rubygems or Bundler at runtime.

              Specify a different shebang executable name than the default (default ┬┤ruby┬┤)


       To  create  binstubs  for  all  the  gems in the bundle you can use the --binstubs flag in
       [bundle install(1)][bundle-install].

                                            March 2018                         BUNDLE-BINSTUBS(1)