Provided by: can-utils_2018.02.0-1_amd64 bug


       cangw - manual page for cangw 2018.02.0-1


       cangw [options]


       cangw - manage PF_CAN netlink gateway.

       -A     (add a new rule)

       -D     (delete a rule)

       -F     (flush / delete all rules)

       -L     (list all rules)

       -s <src_dev>
              (source netdevice)

       -d <dst_dev>
              (destination netdevice)


       -t     (preserve src_dev rx timestamp)

       -e     (echo sent frames - recommended on vcanx)

       -i     (allow to route to incoming interface)

       -u <uid>
              (user defined modification identifier)

       -l <hops>
              (limit the number of frame hops / routings)

       -f <filter>
              (set CAN filter)

       -m <mod>
              (set frame modifications)

       -x <from_idx>:<to_idx>:<result_idx>:<init_xor_val>
              (XOR checksum)

       -c <from>:<to>:<result>:<init_val>:<xor_val>:<crctab[256]>
              (CRC8 cs)

       -p <profile>:[<profile_data>]
              (CRC8 checksum profile & parameters)

       Values are given and expected in hexadecimal values. Leading 0s can be omitted.

   <filter> is a <value><mask> CAN identifier filter:
              (matches when <received_can_id> & mask == can_id & mask)

              (matches when <received_can_id> & mask != can_id & mask)

       <mod>     is     a     CAN     frame     modification     instruction     consisting    of

              is one of 'AND' 'OR' 'XOR' 'SET'

              is _one_ or _more_ of 'I'dentifier 'L'ength 'D'ata

              is an u32 value containing the CAN Identifier

              is an u8 value containing the data length code (0 .. 8)

              is always eight(!) u8 values containing the CAN frames data

       The max. four modifications are performed in the order AND -> OR -> XOR -> SET

   Supported CRC 8 profiles:
       Profile '1' (1U8)
              - add one additional u8 value

       Profile '2' (16U8)
              - add u8 value from table[16] indexed by (data[1] & 0xF)

       Profile '3' (SFFID_XOR)
              - add u8 value (can_id & 0xFF) ^ (can_id >> 8 & 0xFF)


       cangw -A -s can0 -d vcan3 -e -f 123:C00007FF -m SET:IL:333.4.1122334455667788