Provided by: can-utils_2018.02.0-1_amd64 bug


       canplayer - manual page for canplayer 2018.02.0-1


       canplayer <options> [interface assignment]*


       canplayer - replay a compact CAN frame logfile to CAN devices.


       -I <infile>
              (default stdin)

       -l <num>
              (process input file <num> times) (Use 'i' for infinite loop - default: 1)

       -t     (ignore timestamps: send frames immediately)

       -g <ms>
              (gap in milli seconds - default: 1 ms)

       -s <s> (skip gaps in timestamps > 's' seconds)

       -x     (disable local loopback of sent CAN frames)

       -v     (verbose: print sent CAN frames)

       Interface  assignment:  0..n  assignments  like  <write-if>=<log-if> e.g. vcan2=can0 (send
       frames received from can0 on vcan2) extra hook: stdout=can0  (print  logfile  line  marked
       with  can0  on  stdout)  No  assignments  => send frames to the interface(s) they had been
       received from.

       Lines in the logfile not beginning with '(' (start of timestamp) are ignored.