Provided by: d-rats_0.3.3-4ubuntu1_all bug


       d-rats_mapdownloader - The D-RATS map download utility




       This manual page documents briefly the d-rats_mapdownloader command.

       d-rats_mapdownloader  is the D-RATS map download utility.  It will attempt to fetch all of
       the required tiles for a given center location  and  desired  diameter.  The  diameter  is
       determined  by  the zoom level limit.  All zoom levels below the one selected are fetched.
       D-RATS defaults to zoom level 14, so it is recommended that you choose at least that level
       to fetch.  This operation fetches a lot of small files and can take quite a long time.

       The  user  will  be prompted for the latitude and longitude of the center location and for
       the diameter.


       This program has no options.


       d-rats_mapdownloader was written by Dan Smith.

       This manual page was written by Steve Conklin, for the Debian project (and may be used  by

                                          July 15, 2010                   D-RATS_MAPDOWNLOADER(1)