Provided by: dapl2-utils_2.1.10.1.f1e05b7a-3_amd64 bug


       dtestsrq - simple uDAPL send/receive and RDMA test with shared receive queue. (SRQ)


       dtestsrq [-vu] [-P provider] [-b buf size] [-B burst size] [-t burst num] [-c connections]
       [-p port] [-S 0|1] [ -s | -h HOSTNAME ]


       dtestsrq is a simple test used to exercise and verify the uDAPL interfaces.  At least  two
       instantiations  of  the test must be run. One acts as the server and the other the client.
       The server side of the test, once invoked listens for connection  requests,  until  timing
       out or killed. Upon receipt of a cd connection request, the connection is established, the
       server and client sides exchange information necessary to perform RDMA writes  and  reads.
       This test support SRQ so all the connections will share the same Rx Q.


              use PROVIDER to specify uDAPL interface using /etc/dat.conf (default ofa-v2-ib0)

              use HOSTNAME to specify server hostname or IP address (default - none)

              use buffer size BUFFER_SIZE for RDMA (default 64)

              use burst size BURST_SIZE (default 1)

              use burst count BURST_COUNT (default 3)

              use port PORT_NUM (default 45248)

              establish CONN_NUM connections (default = 1, max = 100)

       -s, run as server (default - run as server)

       -S, use SRQ (default use SQR)

       -v, verbose output(default off)

       -u, run ud test (default no)

       -l=LID use LID for server lid in ucm provider (default - none)

       -q=QPN use QPN for server qpn in ucm provider (default - none)


       dtestsrq -P ofa-v2-ib0 -s -c 10

            Starts a server process with 10 connections using provider ofa-v2-ib0.

       dtestsrq -P ofa-v2-ib0 -c 10 -h server1-ib0

            Starts a client process with 10 connections, using ofa-v2-ib0 provider to connect to hostname server1-ib0.


       dtest(1), dtestx(1), dtestcm(1), dapltest(1)


       Arlin Davis

       Amir Hanania