Provided by: dxtool_0.1-2_amd64 bug


       dxtool - DistoX download tool


       dxtool [ -p <port> ] [ -s <start addr> ] [ -e <end addr> ] [ -v ] [ -m|-x|-d|-r ]


       This manual page documents the dxtool command.

       dxtool is a utility to download measurements from the DistoX cave surveying device


       Details of options are included below.

       -h     Print usage help

       -p <port>
              Bluetooth port (default: /dev/rfcomm0)

       -v     Verbose operation (dump every sent/received packet)

       Operation Modes:

       -m     Dump all stored measurements (default mode)

       -r     Wait for DistoX-initiated transmissions (new measurements)

       -x     Dump memory in hex digits

       -d     Dump memory in decimal

       In -m/-x/-d modes use -s/-e options to specify start and end addresses
              (default: 0 ~ 0x7fff):

       -s <Hex-address>
              Specify start address

       -e <Hex-address>
              Specify end address


       During  dxtool  operation, it is neccessary to keep the device powered on (ie. prevent the
       power-off timeout). For example, by pressing random keys other than the measurement key.

       Before using dxtool, you need to power on the device and estabilish a SPP connection,  for
       example using:

       sudo rfcomm connect /dev/rfcomm0 10:00:e8:be:a5:18 1


       Often you can just use the command in its simplest form:
       downloads all stored data from /dev/rfcomm0
       dxtool -r
       waits for incoming data and downloads it
       dxtool -p /dev/rfcomm1 -x -s 0x300 -e 0x500
       dumps raw data in hex form from address 0x300 to 0x500, connecting via device /dev/rfcomm1

                                          July  8, 2015                                 DXTOOL(1)