Provided by: entropybroker_2.9-1_amd64 bug


       eb_server_linux_kernel - retrieve entropy data from /dev/random


       eb_server_linux_kernel  v1.0,  (C)  2009-2012  by Please note: this
       program RETRIEVES entropy data from the kernel and feeds that to  the  entropybroker!   If
       you  want  to ADD data to the kernel entropy buffer instead (which is what you most likely
       want to do), then use eb_client_linux_kernel

       -i host   eb-host to connect to

       -o file   file to write entropy data to

       -S        show bps (mutual exclusive with -n)

       -l file   log to file 'file'

       -s        log to syslog

       -n        do not fork

       -P file   file to write the PID to

       -X file   file to read the password from