Provided by: edubuntu-server-host_15.01build1_all bug


       edubuntu-server-deploy - Edubuntu server deployment script


       usage: edubuntu-server-deploy [-h] [--bridge-name BRIDGE_NAME]

       [--bridge-interface BRIDGE_INTERFACE]
              [--cleanup] [--domain DOMAIN] [--service SERVICE] [--subnet SUBNET]

       Edubuntu server deployment script

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       --bridge-name BRIDGE_NAME
              The name of your LAN interface.

       --bridge-interface BRIDGE_INTERFACE
              The name of the internal Edubuntu bridge.

              Remove any existing deployment and start over.

       --domain DOMAIN
              DNS domain name for your Edubuntu network.

       --service SERVICE
              The name of a service to deploy (can be used multiple times).

       --subnet SUBNET
              A valid CIDR subnet for your Edubuntu network.