Provided by: egctl_0.1-1_amd64 bug


       egctl - EnerGenie EG-PMS-LAN control utility


       egctl NAME [S1 S2 S3 S4]


       egctl is a program to control the state of EnerGenie Programmable surge protector with LAN
       interface. It uses native EG-PMS-LAN data exchange protocol version 2.0 or 2.1, not  HTTP.
       When  executed  with  the only argument it dumps the state of the specified device. If all
       five arguments are specified, it changes the state of the device and dumps the new state.


       NAME   The name of the device to control (as it is specified in the  configuration  file).
              This name has no relation to the IP address or the domain name.

       Sn     The  action  to  perform  on  n-th socket. Possible values are: on, off, toggle and


       Configuration file is a table of devices. Each device is described  on  a  separate  line;
       fields  on  each  line  are  separated  by  tabs  or  spaces.  Lines starting with '#' are
       comments, blank lines are ignored.

       The first field
              Name of device. It is a string that will be used  to  address  the  device  in  the
              utility  commands.  It  is  not  necessary to be the same as Server name in the web

       The second field
              Protocol. Supported protocols are: pms20 and pms21.

       The third field
              IP address of device.

       The fourth field
              TCP port of device.  (Power Manager client port in the web interface).

       The fifth field


       Device        Protocol
       EG-PMS-LAN    pms20
       EG-PMS2-LAN   pms21


       Suppose a user has two EG-PMS-LAN devices configured as follows:

              1., port 5000, password hackme
              2., port 5001, password hackmesoftly

       In order to control them using the utility the user needs to create a  configuration  file
       like the following:

              eg1 pms20  5000 hackme
              eg2 pms20 5001 hackmesoftly

       Now she can get the status of the devices with commands

              egctl eg1
              egctl eg2

       and switch the state of the AC power sockets with a command like

              egctl eg1 on left left off


              user's configuration file

              system-wide configuration file


       This program cannot modify the internal schedule of the device.


       Written by Vitaly Sinilin <>


       EnerGenie is a registered trademark of Gembird Holding B.V.