Provided by: bitseq_0.7.5+dfsg-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       estimateVBExpression  -  estimate expression given precomputed probabilities of (observed)
       reads alignments


       estimateVBExpression -o <outFilePrefix>  [OPTIONS] [prob file]


       Estimates expression given precomputed probabilities of (observed) reads' alignments.

              Uses Variational Bayes algorithm to produce parameters for distribution of relative



              Show this help information.


              Optimisation  limit  in  terms  of  minimal  gradient or change of bound. (default:


              Maximum number of iterations. (default: 10000)

       -m <optMethod> ,   --method=<optMethod>

              Optimization method (steepest, PR, FR, HS). (default: FR)

       -o <outFilePrefix> ,   --outPrefix=<outFilePrefix>

              Prefix for the output files.

       -O <outputType> ,   --outType=<outputType>

              Output type (theta, RPKM, counts) of the samples  sampled  from  the  distribution.
              (default: theta)

       -P <procN> ,   --procN=<procN>

              Limit the maximum number of threads to be used. (default: 4)


              Number of samples to be sampled from the distribution.

       -s <seed> ,   --seed=<seed>

              Random initialization seed.

       -t <trInfoFileName> ,   --trInfoFile=<trInfoFileName>

              File containing transcript information. (Necessary for RPKM samples)

       -v ,   --verbose

              Verbose output. (default: Off)

       -V ,   --veryVerbose

              More verbose output, better if output forwarded into file. (default: Off)