Provided by: evolvotron_0.7.1-2_amd64 bug


       evolvotron_mutate - Render an evolvotron function tree to an image.


       evolvotron_mutate < function_in.xml > function_out.xml

       evolvotron_mutate -g > function_out.xml


       evolvotron_mutate  either  mutates an existing image function read from standard input, or
       (with the -g option) creates a new image  function.   In  either  case  the  output  image
       function is written to standard output.

       The  mutation parameters and function weightings are the same as used by evolvotron in its
       default reset state.

       See the evolvotron user manual (accessible from the evolvotron  application's  Help  menu)
       for more information on image functions.


       -g, --genesis
            Specifies  that  no function should be read from standard input.  The output function
            is created at random.

       -h, --help
            Display information on command line arguments and exit.

       -l, --linear
            Created functions (if they are rendered as animations) will sweep z linearly  (rather
            than sinusoidally).

       -p, --spheremap
            Created functions will be tagged as spheremaps.

       -v, --verbose
            Enables some additional logging to standard error.


       evolvotron_mutate -g | tee function0.xml | evolvotron_render function0.ppm

       evolvtron_mutate < function0.xml > function1.xml


       evolvotron_mutate  was  written  by  Tim  Day  (  and is released under the
       conditions of the GNU General Public License.  See the  file  LICENSE  supplied  with  the
       source code for details.


       evolvotron(1), evolvotron_render(1)