Provided by: fastforward_0.51-3.2_amd64 bug


       fastforward - forward mail according to a cdb database


       in .qmail-default: | fastforward [ -nNpPdD ] cdb


       fastforward  forwards  each  incoming  message according to instructions in cdb created by

       If there is  no  forwarding  instruction  in  cdb  for  the  incoming  recipient  address,
       fastforward will bounce the message.

       You can override .qmail-default with a specific .qmail-recipient; see dot-qmail(5).

       Warning  to system administrators: Messages do not reach ~alias/.qmail-default unless they
       are controlled by the alias user.  See qmail-getpw(8).

       SECURITY WARNING: If cdb includes instructions pointing to a mailing list owned by another
       user,  that user gains some amount of control over fastforward's behavior.  In particular,
       he can force fastforward to open any file that you can access,  and  to  read  any  world-
       readable file that you own, even if the file is in a world-inaccessible directory.


       -n   No  delivery.   fastforward  will  print  a  description of its actions, but will not
            actually read or forward a message.

       -N   (Default.)  Forward a message as usual.

       -p   Pass through.  If fastforward does not find the recipient in cdb, it exits 0,  giving
            the  message  to  further  commands  in  .qmail-default.   If  fastforward  finds the
            recipient, it forwards the message  and  exits  99,  so  that  further  commands  are

       -P   (Default.)  Do not pass through.  If fastforward finds the recipient, it forwards the
            message and exits 0.  Otherwise it bounces the message.

       -d   Use $DEFAULT@$HOST as the recipient address, or $EXT@$HOST if $DEFAULT is not set.

       -D   (Default.)  Use $RECIPIENT as the recipient address.


       This     is     fastforward     0.51.      The     fastforward      home      page      is


       newaliases(1),  printforward(1),  setforward(1),  dot-qmail(5),  qmail-command(8),  qmail-
       local(8), qmail-getpw(8)