Provided by: fcitx-imlist_0.5.1-2_amd64 bug


       fcitx-imlist - Command-line utility to switch list of Fcitx IM


       fcitx-imlist [{-l | --list}] [{-s | --set} INPUT_METHOD_LIST] [{-t | --toggle}]
                    [{-e | --enable} INPUT_METHOD] [{-v | --verbose}]

       fcitx-imlist [{-h | --help}]


       This manual page documents briefly the fcitx-imlist and bar commands.

       fcitx-imlist is a small program to show or change input method list. This software is
       useful for the people who switch keyboard layout frequently - sometimes use equipped
       keyboard of mobile PC, sometimes use different layout of external keyboard with that PC.


       The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two
       dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the
       info(1) files.

       -h, --help
           Show summary of options.

       -l, --list
           List input method.

       -s, --set
           Set input method list separated by ',' for multiple IM. It accepts 'us,mozc,jp' and so

       -t, --toggle
           Toggle keyboard layout in set of multiple IM.

       -e, --enable
           Enable keyboard layout. It accepts 'jp', 'us', 'mozc' and so on.

       -v, --verbose
           Show message in details.


       The program is currently limited to only work with the Fcitx 4.x.

       The upstreams BTS can be found at


       Kentaro HAYASHI <>
           Wrote this manpage for the Debian system.


       Copyright © 2015 - 2016 kenhys

       This manual page was written for the Debian system (and may be used by others).

       Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or (at your option) any later version published
       by the Free Software Foundation.

       On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in