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       FFDIAPORAMA - Movie creator


       ffDiaporama [-lang=] [-loglevel=] [Filename]


       ffDiaporama  is  an application for assembling photos and videos especially for preserving
       holiday memories. It is inspired by presentation software such as Impress  or  Powerpoint.
       It  can  read nearly all image formats, a majority of cameras and camcorder video formats,
       and the most commonly used music  formats.  It  includes  140  transitions  and  a  device
       database  for  the  generation of videos with more than 50 models of video viewing devices
       (including smartphones, tablets, and home cinema systems).

       ffDiaporama can manage several hundreds of slides.  Every slide can contain  several  tens
       of  shots  and  several  tens of blocks.  Every shot contains its own block settings.  The
       application calculates all the shot transformations.


       Filename    Filename of the project file to load at application startup

       -lang=      The language to be used. can take the following values:
                     cz To use Czech
                     de To use German
                     en To use English
                     es To use Spanish
                     el To use Greek
                     fr To use French
                     it To use Italian
                     nl To use Dutch
                     pt To use Portuguese
                     ru To use Russian

       -loglevel=  Adjust the level of messages shown in the console:
                     1 Show Debug, Information, Warning and Error messages
                     2 Show Information, Warning and Error messages
                     3 Show Warning and Error messages
                     4 Show only Error messages


       Messages appear only if you launched the program  since  a  console.  It  is  possible  to
       redirect these messages in a log file by using >.


       (C) 2010-2011 Dominique LEVRAY


       More information on WEB site :

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