Provided by: funkload_1.17.1-2_all bug


       fl-run-test - runs a funkload test file


       fl-run-test [ options ] file [ class.method | class | suite ]


       A FunkLoad test can be used like a standard unittest using a unittest.main() and a 'python'.

       Note that fl-run-test can be used to launch  normal  unittest.TestCase  and  (if  you  use
       python2.4)  doctest  in  a  plain text file or embedded in a python docstring. The --debug
       option makes doctests verbose.


              show program's version number and exit

       --help, -h
              show this help message and exit

       --quiet, -q
              Minimal output.

       --verbose, -v
              Verbose output.

       --debug, -d
              FunkLoad and doctest debug output.

              Debug level 3 is more verbose.

       --url=MAIN_URL, -uMAIN_URL
              Base URL to bench without ending '/'.

       --sleep-time-min=FTEST_SLEEP_TIME_MIN, -mFTEST_SLEEP_TIME_MIN
              Minumum sleep time between request.

              Maximum sleep time between request.

              Directory to dump html pages.

       --firefox-view, -V
              Real time view using firefox, you must have a running instance of  firefox  in  the
              same host.

              Monochrome output.

       --loop-on-pages=LOOP_STEPS, -lLOOP_STEPS
              Loop  as  fast  as  possible without concurrency on pages expect a page number or a
              slice like 3:5. Output some statistics.

       --loop-number=LOOP_NUMBER, -nLOOP_NUMBER
              Number of loop.

              Do not fail if css/image links are not reachable.

              Don't load additional links like css or images when fetching an html page.

              Stop tests on first failure or error.

       --regex=REGEX, -eREGEX
              The test names must match the regex.

       --list Just list the test names.

              Pause between request, press ENTER to continue.


       fl-build-report(1),    fl-credential-ctl(1),    fl-install-demo(1),     fl-monitor-ctl(1),
       fl-record(1), fl-run-bench(1).


       Funkload was written by Benoit Delbosc.

       This manual page was written by Jose Parrella <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).