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       flowblade - Non-Linear Video Editor


       flowblade [options] [file]


       Flowblade is multitrack non-linear video editor.

       With  Flowblade  Movie  Editor  you  can  compose movies from video clips, audio clips and
       graphics files.

       Clips can be cut at the desired frames, filters can be added to clips, and you can  create
       multilayer composite images using compositor objects.

       In  Flowblade  clips are usually automatically placed tightly after the previous clip - or
       between two existing clips - when they are inserted on the timeline.

       Edits are fine tuned by trimming in and out points of clips, or by  cutting  and  deleting
       parts of clips.

       More information
               Project Website:
               User Website:
               Reference guide:


       -xdg   Use XDG specification and relocate program settings to $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/flowblade/


              This folder stores preferences used by Flowblade, unless -xdg flag is set.


       Janne Liljeblad