Provided by: fop_2.1-7_all bug


       fop-ttfreader --  A tool which reads TTF files and generates XML font metrics file for use
       in FOP.


       fop-ttfreader [options] fontfile.ttf xmlfile.xml


       -enc ansi
           with this option you can create a WinAnsi encoded font. The default is to create a CID
           keyed font.  If you're not going to use characters outside the pdfencoding range
           (almost the same as iso-8889-1) you can add this option.

       -ttcname fontname
           if you're reading data from TrueType Collection (.ttc file) you must specify which
           font from the collection you will read metrics from. If you read from a .ttc file
           without this option, the fontnames will be listed for you.

       -fn fontname
           default is to use the fontname in the .ttf file, but you can override that name to
           make sure that the embedded font is used (if you're embedding fonts) instead of
           installed fonts when viewing documents with Acrobat Reader.


       "fop-ttfreader /usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/FreeSerif.ttf freeserif.xml"
           generates freeserif.xml file containing XML font metrics from FreeSerif.ttf


       This program is a shell script wrapper based on java-wrappers(7).  You therefore benefit
       from several features; please see the java-wrappers(7) manual page for more information
       about them.


       Wrapper author: Arnaud Vandyck <>


       fop(1), java-wrappers(7)