Provided by: libcfitsio-bin_3.430-2_amd64 bug


       funpack - FITS image decompression program


       funpack [OPTION]... FILE...


       funpack is an utility to restore a compressed FITS image file back to its original state.


       Flags must be separate and appear before filenames. Use '-' to read from stdin.

       -E HDUlist Unpack only the list of HDU names or numbers in the file.

       -P pre Prepend pre to create new output filenames.

       -O name
              Specify full output file name.

       -Z     Recompress the output file with host GZIP program.

       -F     Overwrite input file by output file with same name.

       -D     Delete input file after writing output.

       -S     Output uncompressed file to STDOUT file stream.

       -L     List contents, files unchanged.

       -C     Don't update FITS checksum keywords.

       -v     Verbose mode; list each file as it is processed.

       -H     Show this message.

       -V     Show version number.


       fpack(1), fitscopy(1).