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       gbp-buildpackage-rpm - Build RPM packages from a Git repository


       gbp buildpackage-rpm [--git-[no-]ignore-new] [--git-tag] [--git-verbose] [--git-
                            color=[auto|on|off]] [--git-color-scheme= COLOR_SCHEME] [--git-
                            notify=[auto|on|off]] [--git-tmp-dir= DIRECTORY] [--git-vendor=
                            VENDOR] [--git-native[auto|on|off]] [--git-upstream-branch= TREEISH]
                            [--git-packaging-branch= BRANCH_NAME] [--git-ignore-branch]
                            [--git-[no-]submodules] [--git-builder= BUILD_CMD] [--git-cleaner=
                            CLEAN_CMD] [--git-[no-]sign-tags] [--git-keyid= GPG-KEYID] [--git-
                            posttag= COMMAND] [--git-postbuild= COMMAND] [--git-postexport=
                            COMMAND] [--git-prebuild= COMMAND] [--git-[no-]build]
                            [--git-[no-]hooks] [--git-packaging-tag= TAG-FORMAT] [--git-upstream-
                            tag= TAG-FORMAT] [--git-force-create] [--git-no-create-orig] [--git-
                            upstream-tree= [TAG|BRANCH|TREEISH]] [--git-tarball-dir= DIRECTORY]
                            [--git-compression-level= LEVEL] [--git-export-dir= DIRECTORY]
                            [--git-export= TREEISH] [--git-packaging-dir= DIRECTORY] [--git-spec-
                            file= FILEPATH] [--git-export-sourcedir= DIRECTORY] [--git-export-
                            specdir= DIRECTORY] [--git-[no-]pristine-tar] [--git-[no-]pristine-
                            tar-commit] [--git-tag-only] [--git-retag] [--git-mock] [--git-dist=
                            DISTRIBUTION] [--git-arch= ARCHITECTURE] [--git-mock-options=
                            OPTIONS] [--git-mock-root= ROOT] [--git-spec-vcs-tag= TAG_FORMAT]


       gbp buildpackage-rpm  is  used  to  build RPM packages from a Git repository. It is an RPM
       counterpart for the gbp buildpackage tool that is designed for building Debian packages.

       gbp buildpackage-rpm will, in order:

       · Verify that it is being executed from the proper location.

       · Verify that the repository doesn't contain any uncommitted source changes.

       · Verify that it is being executed from the correct branch.

       · Export packaging files to a separate build area.

       · Create an orig source tarball if it doesn't exist.

       · Call rpmbuild(1) (or the application specified via  --git-builder),  passing  along  all
         command line arguments that don't start with --git-.

       · (Optionally) tag the tree after a successful build.

       · (Optionally) call a post build hook - e.g. to run rpmlint.

       · (Optionally)  call  a  post  tag  hook - e.g. to push the results to a remote repository
         after creating the tag.


              Don't abort if there are uncommitted changes in the  source  tree  or  the  current
              branch doesn't match the PACKAGING-BRANCH.

              Add a git tag after a successful build.

              Use BUILD_CMD instead of rpmbuild -ba.

              Use CLEAN_CMD.

              Verbose execution

              Whether to use colored output.

              Colors  to  use  in  output (when color is enabled). The format for COLOR_SCHEME is
              '<debug>:<info>:<warning>:<error>'.  Numerical values and color names are accepted,
              empty  fields  imply  the default color. For example --git-color-scheme='cyan:34::'
              would show debug messages in cyan, info messages in  blue  and  other  messages  in
              default (i.e. warning and error messages in red).

              Whether to send a desktop notification after the build.

              Base directory under which temporary directories are created.

              Distribution vendor name.

              Define  the 'nativity' of a package. The default value auto makes gbp buildpackage-
              rpm to guess. Guessing is based on the existence of upstream branch.

              Branch to build the orig tarball from if  --git-upstream-tree  is  set  to  BRANCH.
              Default is upstream.

              If  you're  not  on  this  branch  when invoking gbp buildpackage-rpm it will fail.
              Default is master. This is done to make sure you don't accidentally release from  a
              topic branch. Not being on this branch will be ignored when using --git-ignore-new.

              Don't check if the current branch matches PACKAGING-BRANCH.

              Include git submodules in the orig tarball.

              GPG sign all created tags.

              Use this keyid for gpg signing tags.

              Excecute COMMAND after tagging a new version.

              Exported  environment  variables  are:  GBP_TAG  (the  name  of the generated tag),
              GBP_BRANCH (the branch the package was build from) and GBP_SHA1 (the  sha1  of  the
              commit the tag was created at).

              Execute COMMAND after successful build.

              Exported  environment  variables  are:  GBP_CHANGES_FILE (the name of the generated
              changes file), GBP_BUILD_DIR (the build dir).

              Execute COMMAND after exporting the source tree.

              Exported environment variables are: GBP_GIT_DIR  (the  repository  the  package  is
              being built from), GBP_TMP_DIR (the temporary directory where the sources have been
              initially exported).

              Execute COMMAND from the build directory before calling rpmbuild or the application
              specified via --git-builder.

              Exported  environment  variables  are:  GBP_GIT_DIR  (the repository the package is
              being built from), GBP_BUILD_DIR (the build dir).

              Enable builder. Note: --git-no-build causes the postbuild hook to be disabled, too.

              Enable running all (cleaner, postexport, prebuild, postbuild, and  posttag)  hooks.
              Note: the --git-builder command is not affected by this option.

              Use this tag format when tagging released versions of the package.

              Use  this  tag  format  when  looking  for  tags  of  upstream versions, default is

              Force creation of an orig tarball (overwriting a pre-existing one if present).

              Don't try to create any orig tarball.

              Export the packaging files from the current branch  head  (or  the  treeish  object
              given via --git-export to DIRECTORY before building.

       --git-export-sourcedir=DIRECTORY , --git-export-specdir=DIRECTORY
              Subdirectories  under  export  directory  where  packaging  files are exported. The
              default build options of rpmbuild builder are also adjusted accordingly.

              Instead of exporting the current branch head, export the  treeish  object  TREEISH.
              The  special  name  INDEX  exports  the current index, WC) exports all files in the
              current working directory.

              Subdirectory that contains the RPM packaging files.

              Relative path to the spec file to use. Special value auto causes  gbp buildpackage-
              rpm  to  search  and guess. Other values cause the --git-packaging-dir option to be
              ignored: the directory of the spec file is used, instead.

              How to find the upstream sources used to generate the tarball.  TAG looks at a  tag
              corresponding  to the version in the changelog. BRANCH looks at the upstream branch
              given via  the  --git-upstream-branch  option.  Other  values  are  interpreted  as

              This doesn't have any effect if --git-pristine-tar is being used.

              Search for original tarballs in DIRECTORY instead of generating them.

              Specifies the upstream tarball compression level if an upstream tarball needs to be

              Don't build, only tag and run post-tag hooks.

              Don't fail tag operations if a tag with  the  same  version  already  exists,  but,
              overwrite the existing tag, instead.

              Use pristine-tar when generating the upstream tarball if it doesn't exist.

              Commit  the  pristine-tar  delta  to  the  pristine-tar branch if a new tarball was
              generated and the pristine-tar data isn't already there.

              Use mock to build the rpms by invoking gbp-builder-mock.

              Build for this distribution when using mock (e.g.: epel-6).

              Build for this architecture when using mock, default is to build  for  the  current
              host architecture.

              The mock root to use. Defaults to DIST-ARCH from above.

              Additional options to pass to mock. Default is to pass no additional options.

              gbp buildpackage-rpm  always  automatically sets/updates the 'VCS:' tag in the spec
              file after exporting. This option defines the format string for the 'VCS:' tag.  An
              empty  value  causes no 'VCS:' tag to be inserted and possible old 'VCS:' tag to be
              removed. Otherwise, the old 'VCS:' tag is updated or a new 'VCS:' tag is  added  if
              one does not exist. In the format string '%(tagname)s' expands to the long tag name
              (from git-describe) and '%(commit)s' expans to the sha1 of the exported commit.


       Only build a source RPM with rpmbuild

             gbp buildpackage-rpm -bs

       Build an RPM package with rpmbuild  on  a  custom  branch  with  the  uncommitted  changes

             gbp buildpackage-rpm --git-ignore-branch --git-export=WC


       Several  gbp.conf  files  are parsed to set defaults for the above command-line arguments.
       See the gbp.conf(5) manpage for details.

       All options in the config files are specified without the 'git-' prefix.


       gbp-import-srpm(1),  gbp-pq-rpm(1),  gbp-rpm-ch(1),  rpmbuild(8),  mock(1),   gbp.conf(5),
       debuild(1), git(1), pristine-tar(1), The Git-Buildpackage Manual ⟨file:///usr/share/doc/


       Markus Lehtonen <>

                                           3 April 2018                   gbp-buildpackage-rpm(1)