Provided by: gbrowse_2.56+dfsg-3build1_all bug


       GBrowse2 - The Generic Genome Browser


       libgbrowse-perl [-h]


       If  Apache2  is  installed  on  the system, the software has configured it to link URLs to
       GBrowse  directories.  A  restart  of  Apache  is  required  to  take  it  into   account.
       Configuration is available in /etc/gbrowse2/apache2.conf file.
        If  another  web  server is used, one should refer to the apache2 template to map urls in
       the same way.


       Additional optional perl dependencies exist to provide additional features.  Please  refer
       to Optional modules in INSTALL file for more information.


       gbrowse2  Configuration  files  are  located  in  /etc/gbrowse. Main configuration file is
       GBrowse.conf. It contains the global configuration elements. Specific configuration  files
       are located in the same directory per data bank. For more details, one should refer to the
       GBrowse documentation.
        Installation is provided with a Yeast genome sample.


       GBrowse is a simple but highly
        configurable web-based genome browser. It is a component of the
        Generic Model Organism Systems Database project (GMOD).
        Some of its features:
         * Simultaneous bird's eye and detailed views of the genome;
         * Scroll, zoom, center;
         * Attach arbitrary URLs to any annotation;
         * Order and appearance of tracks are customizable by administrator and
         * Search by annotation ID, name, or comment;
         * Supports third party annotation using GFF formats;
         * Settings persist across sessions;
         * DNA and GFF dumps;
         * Connectivity to different databases, including BioSQL and Chado;
         * Multi-language support;
         * Third-party feature loading;
         * Customizable plug-in architecture (e.g. run BLAST, dump & import many
           formats, find oligonucleotides, design primers, create restriction maps,
           edit features).


       GBrowse is accessible at URL http://localhost/gbrowse2


       Olivier Sallou (olivier.sallou (at) - Man page and  packaging  Lincoln  Stein  -