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       gcalcli - Google Calendar Command Line Interface


       gcalcli [options] command [command args or options]


       gcalcli  is  a  Python  application  that allows you to access your Google Calendar from a
       command line. It's easy to get your agenda, search for events, and quickly add new events.
       Additionally  gcalcli  can  be  used  as a reminder service to execute any application you

       usage: gcalcli [-h] [--auth_host_name AUTH_HOST_NAME]

              [--noauth_local_webserver] [--auth_host_port [AUTH_HOST_PORT [AUTH_HOST_PORT ...]]]
              [--logging_level   {DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL}]   [--version]  [--client_id
              CLIENT_ID]   [--client_secret    CLIENT_SECRET]    [--configFolder    CONFIGFOLDER]
              [--noincluderc] [--calendar CALENDAR] [--defaultCalendar DEFAULTCALENDAR] [--locale
              LOCALE]    [--refresh]    [--nocache]    [--conky]    [--nocolor]     [--nolineart]
              {list,search,agenda,calw,calm,quick,add,delete,edit,import,remind} ...

gcalcli v4.0.0a3 (Eric Davis, Brian HartvigsJuly 2017                                  GCALCLI(1)