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genome music bmr calc-bmr


       genome music bmr calc-bmr - Calculates mutation rates given per-gene coverage (from "music
       bmr calc-covg"), and a mutation list


       This document describes genome music bmr calc-bmr version 0.04 (2016-01-01 at 23:10:18)


       genome music bmr calc-bmr --bmr-output=? --roi-file=? --gene-mr-file=?
       --reference-sequence=? --bam-list=? --output-dir=? --maf-file=? [--skip-non-coding]
       [--skip-silent] [--bmr-groups=?] [--show-skipped] [--separate-truncations]
       [--merge-concurrent-muts] [--genes-to-ignore=?]

        ... music bmr calc-bmr \
           --bam-list input_dir/bam_list \
           --maf-file input_dir/myMAF.tsv \
           --output-dir output_dir/ \
           --reference-sequence input_dir/all_sequences.fa \
           --roi-file input_dir/all_coding_exons.tsv

        ... music bmr calc-bmr \
           --bam-list input_dir/bam_list \
           --maf-file input_dir/myMAF.tsv \
           --output-dir output_dir/ \
           --reference-sequence input_dir/all_sequences.fa \
           --roi-file input_dir/all_coding_exons.tsv \
           --genes-to-ignore GENE1,GENE2


       bmr-output  Number

       roi-file  Text
           Tab delimited list of ROIs [chr start stop gene_name] (See DESCRIPTION)

       gene-mr-file  Text

       reference-sequence  Text
           Path to reference sequence in FASTA format

       bam-list  Text
           Tab delimited list of BAM files [sample_name normal_bam tumor_bam] (See DESCRIPTION)

       output-dir  Text
           Directory where output files will be written (Use the same one used with calc-covg)

       maf-file  Text
           List of mutations using TCGA MAF specification v2.3


       skip-non-coding  Boolean
           Skip non-coding mutations from the provided MAF file

           Default value 'true' if not specified

       noskip-non-coding  Boolean
           Make skip-non-coding 'false'

       skip-silent  Boolean
           Skip silent mutations from the provided MAF file

           Default value 'true' if not specified

       noskip-silent  Boolean
           Make skip-silent 'false'

       bmr-groups  Integer
           Number of clusters of samples with comparable BMRs (See DESCRIPTION)

           Default value '1' if not specified

       show-skipped  Boolean
           Report each skipped mutation, not just how many

           Default value 'false' (--noshow-skipped) if not specified

       noshow-skipped  Boolean
           Make show-skipped 'false'

       separate-truncations  Boolean
           Group truncational mutations as a separate category

           Default value 'false' (--noseparate-truncations) if not specified

       noseparate-truncations  Boolean
           Make separate-truncations 'false'

       merge-concurrent-muts  Boolean
           Multiple mutations of a gene in the same sample are treated as 1

           Default value 'false' (--nomerge-concurrent-muts) if not specified

       nomerge-concurrent-muts  Boolean
           Make merge-concurrent-muts 'false'

       genes-to-ignore  Text
           Comma-delimited list of genes to ignore for background mutation rates


       Given a mutation list (MAF), and per-gene coverage data calculated using "music bmr calc-
       covg"), this script calculates overall Background Mutation Rate (BMR) and BMRs in the
       categories of AT/CG/CpG Transitions, AT/CG/CpG Transversions, and Indels. An optional
       category for truncational mutations can also be specified. The script generates a file
       with per-gene mutation rates that can be used with the tool that tests for significantly
       mutated genes (music smg).


           The regions of interest (ROIs) of each gene are typically regions targeted for
           sequencing or are merged exon loci (from multiple transcripts) of genes with 2-bp
           flanks (splice junctions). ROIs from the same chromosome must be listed adjacent to
           each other in this file. This allows the underlying C-based code to run much more
           efficiently and avoid re-counting bases seen in overlapping ROIs (for overall covered
           base counts). For per-gene base counts, an overlapping base will be counted each time
           it appears in an ROI of the same gene. To avoid this, be sure to merge together
           overlapping ROIs of the same gene. BEDtools' mergeBed can help if used per gene.
           The reference sequence in FASTA format. If a reference sequence index is not found
           next to this file (a .fai file), it will be created.
           Provide a file containing sample names and normal/tumor BAM locations for each. Use
           the tab- delimited format [sample_name normal_bam tumor_bam] per line. Additional
           columns like clinical data are allowed, but ignored. The sample_name must be the same
           as the tumor sample names used in the MAF file (16th column, with the header
           Ideally, we want to test the mutation rate (MR) of a gene in a sample against the
           background mutation rate (BMR) across that sample. But if the BMRs of some samples are
           comparable, we can instead test the MR of a gene across a group of samples with
           comparable BMR, against the overall BMR of that group. This argument specifies how
           many such groups you want to cluster samples into. By default, it is assumed that all
           samples have comparable BMRs (bmr-groups = 1).
           This should be the same output directory used when running "music bmr calc-covg". The
           following outputs of this script will also be created/written: overall_bmrs: File
           containing categorized overall background mutation rates. gene_mrs: File containing
           categorized per-gene mutation rates.
           A comma-delimited list of genes to ignore for overall BMR calculations. List genes
           that are known factors in this disease and whose mutations should not be classified as


       Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Washington University in St. Louis.

       It is released under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) version 3.  See the associated
       LICENSE file in this distribution.


        Cyriac Kandoth, Ph.D.


       genome-music-bmr(1), genome-music(1), genome(1)