Provided by: gnat-gps_6.1.2016-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gnat-gps - an integrated development environment for various languages


       gnat-gps [options] [-Pproject-file] [[+line] source1 ...]


       GPS  is a complete integrated development environment.  It integrates with a wide range of
       tools, providing easy access to each. It integrates especially well with  AdaCore's  tools
       but can easily be extended to work with other tools by writing small plug-ins in Python.

       --help Show this help message and exit

              Show the GPS version and exit

              Start a debug session and optionally load the program with the given arguments

       --debugger debugger
              Specify the debugger's command line

       --hide Hide GPS main window

              Use tools_host to launch tools (e.g. gdb)

              Load program on machine TARG using protocol PRO

              Execute an external file written in the language lang

              Execute an in-line script written in the language lang

              Specify a value for an external project variable

              Open all files in read-only mode

              Start GPS in server mode, opening a socket on the given port

              Output the current configuration for logs

              Activate the logs for a given module

              Deactivate the logs for a given module

              Parse an alternate configuration file for the logs


       gnat  (1),  gprbuild (1), and various user guides in the /usr/share/doc/gnat-gps directory
       if the gnat-gps-doc Debian package is installed on your system.


       The GNAT Programming Studio has been written and is maintained by Ada  Core  Technologies.
       If  you  are  interested  in  getting commercial support for this software, please contact

       This manual page has been  written  by  Ludovic  Brenta  <>  and
       Nicolas Boulenguez <> for Debian GNU/Linux.