Provided by: grokevt_0.5.0-1_all bug


       grokevt-builddb  - Builds a database tree based on a single windows system for the purpose
       of event log conversion.


       grokevt-builddb [ -c CSID ] config-profile output-dir


       grokevt-builddb uses grokevt-ripdll(1) and reglookup(1) along with  information  found  in
       configuration  files  to extract all necessary information from a windows installation for
       the conversion of event log files. The registry is read  to  determine  the  locations  of
       critical  DLLs  and the event log files themselves. This, and other information out of the
       registry is stored in a directory structure which acts as a kind  of  flat-file  database.
       This database can then be used by grokevt-parselog(1) to generate human-readable output.

       The  key  to  successfully  running  this  utility  is  proper  configuration.  Please see
       grokevt(7) for information on what needs to be configured.


              This is the name of the configuration profiles stored in the  global  configuration
              directory  under the directory 'systems'. See grokevt(7) for more details on how to
              properly configure a system profile.

              The path to the location of the output database.  If  anything  already  exists  in
              this directory, it may be overwritten or deleted.


       -c CSID
              This  option  allows one to explicitly set which ControlSet in the registry is used
              to extract event log message mappings. If specified, this item must be  a  positive
              decimal  integer.   If  unspecified,  grokevt-builddb will attempt to determine the
              best ControlSet by looking at the most  recent  CurrentControlSet,  stored  in  the
              system  registry  under  the path '/Select/Current'.  Most users should ignore this
              option unless there is a specific reason why the last CurrentControlSet should  not
              be used.


       To  generate  a  database  at  '~/win2k.grokevt' based on the system configuration profile

             grokevt-builddb win2k ~/win2k.grokevt

       To  repeat  the  last  command,  instead  using  registry  information   explicitly   from

             grokevt-builddb -c 2 win2k ~/win2k.grokevt


       Probably a few. This script has not been extensively tested with some guest platforms.

       The  databases  built  with this script may not be portable to other systems, depending on
       the database drivers installed and used in Python.


       Written by Timothy D. Morgan.


       Please see the file "LICENSE" included with this software distribution.

       This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY  WARRANTY;
       without  even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
       See the GNU General Public License version 3 for more details.


       grokevt(7) grokevt-addlog(1) grokevt-dumpmsgs(1)  grokevt-findlogs(1)  grokevt-parselog(1)
       grokevt-ripdll(1) reglookup(1)