Provided by: gvidm_0.8-12build1_amd64 bug


       gvidm - GTK+ app to quickly and easily change video resolutions in X


       gvidm [-r] [modes...]
       gvidm [-r] <-l|-q> [screens...]


       gvidm  is  a gtk app to quickly and easily change video resolutions in X.  Running it will
       pop up a list of available modes, upon choosing a mode  or  cancelling,  it  exits.   This
       makes  it  perfect  for running from an application menu or a hotkey, so you don't have to
       use ram for an applet constantly running. If you are running dual or multi-head  displays,
       it will give you a list of screens so you can select the appropriate one.

       You  can  also specify a mode to switch to immediately, or a list of modes to choose from.
       Modes are specified in the  form  [screen:]<resolution>.   If  the  screen  portion  isn't
       specified, the current screen is used.  The keyword "cur" will use the current screen, and
       "all" may be used to cause the mode to apply to all screens.  Resolution may be  given  as
       <width>x<height>[@refresh],  or  the  keyword  "max",  "best",  or  "all".   If  the  same
       resolution is available with multiple refresh rates, "best" will show only  the  one  with
       the highest rate.  Thus, specifying "all:all" is the same as running gvidm with no args.


              Print list of available modes on all or specified screens.

              Print list of current modes on all or specified screens

              Change root window size.

       --help Print help info.


       Choose a resolution out of all possible:

       Choose a resolution out of 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480:
       gvidm 1024x768 800x600 640x480

       Switch to 640x480 immediatly:
       gvidm 640x480

       Switch screen 1 to 800x600 and screen 2 to 1024x768:
       gvidm 1:800x600 2:1024x768

       Switch all screens to their highest resolution:
       gvidm all:max

       Choose from only screen 1's modes:
       gvidm 1:all

       Print current mode of all screens:
       gvidm -q

       Print current mode of screen 2 and screen 3:
       gvidm -q 2 3


       Please  note  that  gvidm  cannot  change  the color depth, as that requires restarting X.
       Furthermore, any and all modes you want to appear must be defined in your  XF86Config.  If
       you've  only  configured  one mode, that's all that will show in the pop up.  (Though this
       seems to no longer be the case with XFree 4.3+)

       The XVidMode and/or XRandR extensions must be enabled in order to run gvid.

       As mentioned above, gvidm supports multiple screen displays, including Xinerama. If you're
       running Xinerama, make sure that the configure script detects that and compiles in support
       for it. If gvidm only displays one list of resolutions when you're  running  Xinerama,  it
       means that Xinerama wasn't detected.


       Matthew Mueller <donut AT>

       The latest version, and other programs I have written, are available from:

       Based on gvid by Keith Vanderlinde <>

                                           23 Jun 2004                                   gvidm(1)