Provided by: hiera_3.2.0-2_all bug


       hiera - Lightweight Pluggable Hierarchical Database


       hiera [options]


       hiera is a simple pluggable hierarchical database.


       Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

       -V, --version
              Version information

       -d, --debug
              Show debugging information

       -a, --array
              Array search

       -h, --hash
              Hash search

       -c, --config CONFIG
              Configuration file

       -j, --json SCOPE
              JSON format file to load scope from

       -y, --yaml SCOPE
              YAML format file to load scope from

       -m, --mcollective IDENTITY
              Retrieve facts from a node via mcollective as scope

       -i,  --inventory_service IDENTITY Retrieve facts for a node via Puppet's inventory service
              as scope


       hiera is a part of Puppet  Hiera  and  developed  by  Puppet  Labs  <>,
       (R.I.Pienaar <> respectively).

       This  man page was written by Patrick Ringl <> for the Debian GNU/Linux
       distribution (but it may also be used by others).