Provided by: hothasktags_0.3.8-1_amd64 bug


       hothacktags - generate ctags files for Haskell


       hothasktags <file> <file> ... > tags


       hothasktags  generates  ctags  files  for  Haskell,  with  knowledge  of  import lists and
       qualified imports.  It provides a smart go-to-definition for Vim, that almost always  gets
       it right in the presence of multiple names from different modules.

       You  will  want  to configure Vim to allow dots in keywords, because hothasktags generates
       tags for qualified names.  You can do this with:

       > set iskeyword=a-z,A-Z,_,.,39

       (The 39 is for the prime character)

       Usage is easy, just give hothasktags the names of all the  haskell  sources  you  want  to
       index and redirect into a tags file.  For example:

       > find . | egrep '.hs$' | xargs hothasktags > tags

       will index all the hs files under the current directory.

       hothasktags does not work with the emacs tag file format.  Sorry.