Provided by: hsetroot_1.0.2-5build1_amd64 bug


       hsetroot - yet another wallpaper application


       hsetroot [ command1 [ args... ] ] [ command2 [ args... ] ]


       hsetroot is a tool which allows you to compose wallpapers ("root pixmaps") for X. It has a
       lot of options like rendering gradients, solids, images but it also allows you to  perform
       manipulations on those things, or chain them together.


       -add <color>
              Add color to range using distance 1

       -addd <color> <distance>
              Add color to range using custom distance

       -gradient <angle>
              Render gradient using specified angle

       -clear Clear the color range

       -solid <color>
              Render a solid using the specified color

   Image files:
       -center <image>
              Render an image centered on screen

       -cover <image>
              Render an image centered on screen scaled so that all of screen is covered.

       -tile <image>
              Render an image tiled

       -full <image>
              Render an image maximum aspect

       -extend <image>
              Render  an  image maximum aspect, and copy 1px border taken from the image over the
              remaining area so that no black borders are shown.

       -fill <image>
              Render an image strechted

       -tint <color>
              Tint the current image

       -blur <radius>
              Blur the current image

       -sharpen <radius>
              Sharpen the current image

       -contrast <amount>
              Adjust contrast of current image

       -brightness <amount>
              Adjust brightness of current image

       -gamma <amount>
              Adjust gamma level of current image

       -flipv Flip the current image vertically

       -fliph Flip the current image horizontally

       -flipd Flip the current image diagonally

       -alpha <amount>
              Adjust alpha level for colors and images

       -write <filename>
              Write current image to file


       Hyriand <

                                          July 29, 2012                               HSETROOT(1)