Provided by: ikiwiki_3.20180228-1_all bug


       ikiwiki-comment - posts a comment


       ikiwiki-comment page.mdwn


       ikiwiki-comment  creates a comment for the specified wiki page file, and opens your editor
       to edit it.

       Once you're done, it's up to you to add the comment to whatever version control system  is
       being used by the wiki, and do any necessary pushing to publish it.

       Note  that  since  ikiwiki-comment is not passed the configuration of the wiki it's acting
       on, it doesn't know what types of markup are available. Instead,  it  always  removes  one
       level of extensions from the file, so when run on a page.mdwn file, it puts the comment in

       The username field is set to the unix account name you're using.  You may want to edit  it
       to match the username you use elsewhere on the wiki.


       Joey Hess <>